Scalable and Reliable Products that ensure the impossible remains possible

At GHA Technologies we have everything you need for all your departments. From sales to your back office we ensure you have a clear view of your business. Our tailor made solutions give you detailed reports, analytics and accurate records of/for your business.

Point of Sale that generates detailed reports and analytics.

Our Cloud based Point of Sale solution is built to be used on any device from large screens to mobile screens able to run an internet connection. We are a one-stop shop – You buy/subscribe to the system and buy suitable hardware from rugged devices to sleek terminals.

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Sell your products online easily.

In today’s world most businesses have adopted online selling as a fundamental revenue stream ontop of their existing channels of sales. At GHA Technologies we enable you reach more customers and grow your business freely.

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Most Accounting Systems are very complex and barely customisable for most businesses.

At GHA Technologies we offer fully customisable and secure cloud based accounting systems which can be accessed from anywhere. We take your business process requirements and retrofit our solutions to meet your needs without question.

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Most businesses do not understand the power of Customer Relationship Management systems.

CRMs provide businesses with power to project sales, do proper market research and build a productive sales force. Without marketing most businesses would die out. With the power of sale forecasts, and market data analysis your decision making team can make the right decisions for the productivity of your business.

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Harness the power of integrating all your business processes.

Nowadays, most businesses in Kenya are integrating their systems with M-PESA. At GHA Technologies we go far and beyond by integrating our systems with your favourite business power apps, accounting softwares, social apps and payment gateways.

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